VIDEO: Night of the Living Pelosi

John Dennis is an American businessman and politician who ran for and lost the race for the 8th congressional district of California in 2010. This is a real commercial from his campaign:

ABC observes:

The creation of Chris Burgard, who also cut ads for Herman Cain during his failed bid for the Republican presidential nomination, the new ad casts the California congressswoman as a cult leader of the living-dead as they prepare to sacrifice a lamb.

“We must first gut the sacrifice so that you can find out what’s in the sacrifice,” the Pelosi impersonator says. The line is a parody of her now-infamous remark about the Affordable Healthcare Act where she said, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

Dennis, a pro-gay marriage, pro-marijuana Republican, is the hero of the skit, stepping in to save the lamb.

New Obama Ad says YES, We *are* better off than we were 4 years ago

“Here’s where are today: 30 months of private sector job growth, creating 4.6 million new jobs.”

“We’re not there yet,” the ad’s narrator admits. “But the real question is: Whose plan is better for you? The President’s plan asks millionaires to pay a little more to help invest in a strong middle class. Clean energy. Cut the deficit.”

The ad will air in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia, according to the campaign.

NY Times:

Mr. Obama has been arguing not just that his plan to economic prosperity is moving in the right direction – forward, as his campaign slogan says – but that Mitt Romney’s policies would take the country back.

This ad doubles down on that argument, pointing to Mr. Obama’s plans to ask the wealthy to pay higher taxes and Mr. Romney’s support for less business regulation. The ad also raises again a claim made in a study that Mr. Romney’s campaign has disputed, saying that his tax plan would actually raise taxes on middle class families by $2,000.

But the Romney campaign called the ad false and misleading. “Americans are not better off since President Obama took office,” said Ryan Williams, a spokesman for the Romney campaign. “Twenty-three million Americans are struggling for work, our national debt has hit a record-breaking $16 trillion and more Americans are in poverty and on food stamps than ever before. Mitt Romney’s economic plan would lead to a more prosperous future for middle class families spurring growth and job creation, and ensuring that the next four years are better than the last four.”

The Romney campaign put out a statement in response, saying: “23 million Americans are struggling for work, our national debt has hit a record-breaking $16 trillion, and more Americans are in poverty and on food stamps than ever before.”

VIDEO: Mitt Romney on Huckabee

Huckabee’s exclusive interview with the GOP presidential frontrunner might also make you want to take this review course: A Brief History of Why Huckabee and Romney Don’t Like Each Other – although I think it’s more accurate to say that Huckabee holds more of the fued. While Romney has defended Huckabee and spoke kindly of him since the 2007 primary campaign, Huckabee continued to do the opposite of Romney:

Long after the campaign ended with niether of the two winning the nomination, Huckabee dredged up old wounds in a November 2008 book. He wrote that he felt “total disrespect” when Romney didn’t call him after he won the Iowa caucuses and characterized Mitt as being “anything but conservative until he changed the light bulbs in his chandelier in time to run for president.” He then panned Romney’s economic shtick by writing why don’t you let voters “eat stocks.”

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Ousted in Primaries = Write In campaign

Neil Cavuto introduced a segment on Fox News with a colorfully choiced clip to introduce his interview with Alaska Republican Senate Nominee Joe Miller. Viewers might have thought they were watching a commercial, but it was actually a cold-open to the Fox News show Your World with Neil Cavuto. Watch:

HotAir on the possibility of Castle starting a write-in campaign:

Castle’s team won’t confirm that they’re polling, but why wouldn’t they do it? Surely his name recognition’s high enough in the state that they’d want to know if he has a shot to win. Here’s the irony: If you think O’Donnell’s numbers against Coons are already so grim that she stands no real chance of winning — and most O’D supporters do not think that — then it’s a no-brainer that you should want Castle in the race. Worst-case scenario is that he and O’Donnell split Republicans and Coons manages to hold onto enough Democrats to squeak to victory, but then a Coons victory is how things look at the moment anyway. Bad-case scenario is that Castle manages to pull enough Dems from Coons and Republicans from O’Donnell to win the seat himself, in which case the GOP is a step closer to a Senate majority. Best-case scenario, obviously, is that Castle and Coons split the Dems and O’Donnell squeaks through on the strength of conservative supporter. If, however, you think O’D can still beat Coons head-to-head — and especially if you’re a DeMint-ian “true conservative” who regards centrist Republicans as even worse for conservatism than Democratic victories — then you should probably want Castle to stay out. “Anyone but the RINO,” no?

Another grand irony here? Castle’s hard feelings towards O’Donnell and the base may be so hard that if he polls this and the numbers show that he’ll hurt Coons more than he’ll hurt her, maybe he’ll decide not to run just to spite her. RINO revenge?