Fiengold downplays DC popularity in new ad

In a slick new commercial, Russ Fiengold claims that his independent stances haven’t made him friends in Washington:

From HotAir titles this “Fun: Liberal Democratic hero suddenly a man with no known political affiliation”, pointing out the following distortion in the ad:

The scene of him eating alone is cute and shrewd as a way of distancing himself from the Democratic cancer, but is it really true that he’s lost friends for opposing automatic pay raises for Congress? That seems to me like one of the cheapest and easiest gestures on ethics a politican could make. And the numbers bear me out: Apparently, the Senate passed Feingold’s bill unanimously without a roll call vote and then the House rubber-stamped it, 402-15. Who’s not sitting with Russ in the cafeteria because he dared to propose such a populist no-brainer?

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