How 2016 looks from the Right

The 2016 election needs to be considered as follows:

Hillary wins by being a victim. It worked as First Lady when people thought she was a mean battleaxe, during the Monica affair, and in every election for her except for the last one. That’s because she waited too long to pull the card. If she did it 3 weeks earlier she’d have been wrapping her second term now. She knows it and her advisers know it and her supporters aren’t bright but implicitly they also know it.

She crushes weak candidates easily (strong Hillary) and strong candidates even more easily (victim Hillary). So from now on, every candidate has to be seen as how they would face one on one against her, and I don’t feel like anyone is doing that even though they probably feel like they are.

Hillary would destroy:

  • Paul
  • Santorum
  • Perry
  • Rubio
  • Graham
  • Snyder
  • Bush
  • Walker
  • Pataki

Hillary would struggle with:

  • Huckabee
  • Cruz
  • Trump
  • Carson
  • Jindal
  • Fiorina
  • Christie
  • Bolton

Hillary would lose to:

  • Kasich

What one needs is the right balance of smarts, guts, and detachment to get the job done.

Most of the ones on the “struggle” list have the guts and a few have guts and smarts.

She anticipated Obama’s smarts. She quickly learned of his detachment. But she wasn’t prepared for the guts. That was the Mortal Kombat move that finished her.

Voters don’t want to vote for a try-hard. You have to have a cool form of detachment from the process while remaining gutsy and involved.

Few have that combination and fewer still combine it with smarts.

That’s where Kasich becomes formidable.

And to steal a quote from Airplane — “the best chance we’ve got”.

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  1. Awal September 7 / 7:37 am

    This year’s election began earleir than any in history (or any that I can remember). Candidates announced their candidacy and started stumping around the country early LAST year! I’ve never seen that.One theory for this is that people are so disgusted with Pres. Bush, Democrats and Republicans alike, that they are looking forward to the next president. I don’t know if that’s true, but it’s an interesting theory.Well when an election campaign begins so early, there are a lot of changes. Polls change. The list of the issues that people think are most important changes over time, so candidates have to change their direction, change their message. Last year, the Iraq War was the number one issue. Right now it’s the economy, the war is no. 2. So Democrats are talking about the economy instead of the war.And then, these candidates all campaigned for almost a year before anyone actually had a chance to vote. When the first primary voters did vote, it was a big surprise for everyone. So once again, all the candidates had to fine-tune their campaigns.Sometimes these changes involve some staff turnover. John McCain, a few months ago, was down and out, his staff were all being laid off. Who could have guessed in those days that he’d win the New Hampshire Primary? Now he’s the Front Runner! 8^O

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