Joe Biden launches 2016 kickoff tour, according to GOP

A Biden candidacy would challenge the “inevitability” of a Clinton nomination.

But here’s the really fun part: Biden has a good shot at playing the spoiler. Because there’s a fact that Biden’s detractors and Clinton’s groupies are loath to acknowledge: Biden is the much better politician. It’s not that Biden is a fantastic politician; it’s that Clinton is a very boring one.

But that’s not all. Vice presidents have a terrible record of getting elected to the Oval Office on their own. George H. W. Bush was the first president since Martin Van Buren to be elected straight from V-POTUS to POTUS. (Also ominous for Democrats: 1988 was the only time in the last half-century that a party has won the White House for the third time in a row, a fact attributable to Ronald Reagan’s popularity and Michael Dukakis’s Dukakisness.) But vice presidents have more success securing the nomination. You have to go back to 1952 and Alben Barkley to find one who sought but failed to win his party’s nomination.

I’d be stunned if Biden actually beat Clinton in the primaries, but he doesn’t need to win to ruin things for her. Simply by running, Biden would contest Clinton’s claim of entitlement and light a match on the Hindenburg that is her “inevitability.” He would encourage others from outside the establishment to run against them both and to portray them as a pair of old-guard retreads who want the presidency out of a sense of entitlement.

The Left is warming up to Hillary.

“Obama by definition has lowered the bar of expectations for progressives,” says Gavin Newsom, the lieutenant governor of California, who backed Clinton in 2007 and plans on supporting her again. “It’s clear to me she’s running.”

Clinton seems to have largely rehabilitated her image in the eyes of liberal primary voters and interest groups, a remarkable feat given just how bitter things got in 2008. Back then, many on the left flank of the party villainized her husband as a reckless narcissist who foisted NAFTA and financial deregulation on the nation, and skewered her as a calculating hawk who had cheered the Iraq War and helped pass George W. Bush’s regressive 2005 bankruptcy bill, among other alleged evils.

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  1. Fer September 8 / 4:22 pm

    Bill keep up the good work speak youe28099re mind and heart.In response to RegularGuy.Ie28099m all for this cnutory pulling together, but not being bailed out at the tax payers expense for my fifth and sixth generations of grand children. Pulling together is working together for the good of all the citizen of the United States.This doesne28099t mean we support every lazy person that doesne28099t want to work for a living. We done28099t want to support illegal invaders that come across our boarders for the free good life. We done28099t want to pay for the illegal invader education, Pay for special education because they are too lazy to learn English this cnutory language. Pulling together mean everyone pulls their own weight no one sit on their ass and passes the work on to someone else. We spend Hundreds of billions of dollars on illegals in this cnutory. From medical to education welfare and social security they want to give them that never paid a penny into. 787 Billon dollars because people think the government owes them. The government is us the people of the United States the government is just taking form the working people of this cnutory including you. Wake up America we run this cnutory not the government they work for us. We done28099t work for them or do we? I done28099t wish anyone fails in anything good for this cnutory, but is it good for this cnutory to keep handing out money to bail out companies. The union work that wants that holy dollar no matter who else get laid off from their jobs and closee28099s companies down.This cnutory and all the citizens from the wealthy to the guy sweeping the floors need to help each other and quite passing the buck unto someone else. This is what all this bail out is doing is passing the buck to our great grandchildren. Patriot (one who love his cnutory and guards ite28099s welfare, defender of it cnutory ) Patriotism (devotion to one cnutory) Ie28099m one of the most Patriot persons. My great uncles WWI 1 died, Uncles WWII 2 injured, Brother Vietnam Injured then died, Nephew Iraq. They were all for this cnutory and someone else cnutory. Patriotism is here in this cnutory alive and well I here it on the news everyday one of our cnutory men died in some other cnutory they are fight to get democracy in..

  2. Mary November 11 / 1:02 am

    Below you’ll see a little bit of a leettr to one of my reps. I also don’t limit my mailings to just my reps. I just don’t tell them I’m not from their district. When you write them ask pointed questions and ask for a definitive and pointed answer not for their usual smoke blowing BS. We now have a setting president who can not prove himself to be a legal United States citizen. That is of GREAT concern to me. He has lied and circumvented the U.S. Constitution so many times that most have lost count. He has tried and continues to try to remove our rights under the 2nd amendment to the Constitution. I want to know your stance on keeping our rights. I would also like to know why none of the state reps (on either side) jumped on the bandwagon of requiring this illegal alien to provide any kind of proof.Please I don’t want the usual form leettr from some staffer about how much you appreciate the input and our views will be considered. I’ve seen enough of them to know that you guys must get these as a form leettr from Office Depot or someplace like that. Meaningless and empty words that the American people know is just more smoke being blown at us. We want to know your stance on the 2nd Amendment and what you think of our Constitution being ignored today by Washington. Our rights are being removed daily as yours will no doubt be removed come election time if we get the wrong answers you’ll simply be voted out along with the rest of the communists like Obama when it is his turn in 2012. I’m not saying that you fit that mold only you can dictate that with your answers. Are you fighting for America and our rights or against them with Obama? I’m also sending a BCC copy of this to myself for the purpose of recording it and future reference. Thank You. (SIGNED)

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