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  1. Rheynon September 8 / 1:13 pm

    absolutely nothing.I do not think abnoydy even really knows what the guy is about because he really has not told us what he is about. The few policy statements out of his mouth have either been fabrications or outright insanity. Take his campaign contribution flip-flop. The man essentially changes his mind on one of the central tenants of his platform! I’ve seen candidates have a change of heart, I’ve seen politicians soften or harden with the years, but to flip-flop on the very issue that defines you – just weeks after promising the voters that this is what you stand for (ABOVE ALL ELSE!)?! What does that say about the man?His stance on Iraq is equally puzzling. His withdrawal timetable is utterly laughable to even an armchair general. A full withdrawal cannot be achieved under his timetable. Not to mention what the results would be.The recent troop surge has worked! Iraqis are embracing the Americans finally and seeing the Iranians for the meddlers they are. That said, how can Obama still cling to this notion that leaving Iraq now, as it is finally looking up, would be a good idea. His plan of ‘forcing the warring sides to reconcile’ is the clicher. Does Barry really think he can heal thousands of years of Shiite/Sunni warring with his silver tongue?My biggest concern is the company he keeps. For 2 Decades, 20 years, 540 weeks, the man sat through the vile snakepit of Rev. Wright’s church. For 20 years he had no problem with that man’s treasonous libel. He put his baby daughter in that racist’s hands and allowed him to baptize her. How the media has let this go is beyond me. Interesting that he had no problem with Wright for 20 years; he had no problem with Wright when the news had the airwaves; he stood by the man…that is…until the Wright story started hurting him…Then, all of a sudden he thought it wise to drop Wright.For a man who preaches change…change…change…he sure does smell, look, and act like the same-old-same-old-politician.

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