Palin endorses Fiorina

Sarah Palin has endorsed Carly Fiorina for Califonria senate, which has made some conservatives angry that she looked over primary candidate Chuck Devore whom they regard as more conserbvative. However as one commenter puts it: “Would you all prefer Sarah endorse Devore and watch him lose by 20 pts?”.

Someone with the username IheartSarah on the Conservatives4Palin blog had the following reaction:

This is my feeling about the whole thing. The primary is a month away and Devore is only polling at 13%. If he were within striking distance to actually pull off the upset, then Sarah would have either stayed out of it or endorsed him. However, he is not within striking distance. But Carly is within striking distance of Campbell, who, from everything I am hearing and reading is a really poor choice. Sarah’s endorsement could put Carly over the top to beat Campbell and she would have a much better chance at beating Boxer, nobody can argue with that. If Sarah had stayed out of it, Campbell had a pretty good chance of winning and he is definitely not acceptable. So, I believe she had to get involved.

I also trust Sarah’s instincts. From what I have seen, she is carefully weighing each endorsement she is making and does not take the responsibility she has lightly. She may not endorse the person I would like for her to endorse, but that is okay. I know she knows what she is doing. She has my full support in 2012, no matter who she endorses in 2010. She has the bigger picture in mind, whereas I might be looking at the smaller picture. This is a fight for our country, but the same way that Progressives have taken almost 100 years to reach the point they are at now, we are not going to be able to win back the soul of our country in one or two elections, we have to be willing to be in this for the long haul. While I believe these next two election cycles are very important in putting a stop to Progressives, I do not believe they are enough to turn the country around, it will be a much longer battle because it is not only a battle for the heart of soul of America but for the minds of its citizens. We have just begun this fight and I believe Sarah is looking at the battles that are winnable for now and the future.

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  1. Leonardo September 7 / 1:04 pm

    I thought there was a more sarawltt conservative seeking the Republican nomination who also had a good chance (not the Arab mouthpiece), but I love the ad.Boxer is so toxic, so ugly, so impossibly crude, that I am glad to hear that our dear Tsar is giving Carly the benefit of the doubt. She’s willing to get in there, but a stake through the miserable witch and put lots of her own hard earned money to work to make her case.You can take the yenta out of Brooklyn but you cannot take Brooklyn out of the yenta. Boxer belongs back in Brooklyn where she should be selling bras in Filene’s basement. Actually Brooklyn has become quite livable and lovely now that the witch is gone. Maybe she should decamp in ????l (Pissaic, New Joysey???). Or maybe she could join some of her fellow left wing loud mouthed yentas playing ma jang by the pool in Miami Beach.

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