Barack the magic Negro (HUMOR/AUDIO)

On March 19, 2007, David Ehrenstein of the LA Times wrote a column about Hollywood and politics. The headline of his column: “Obama, the ‘Magic Negro.'” Then on March 21, 2007 the Rush Limbaugh show aired a parody produced by Paul Shanklin, imitating the Rev. Al Sharpton singing, “Barack The Magic Negro.” Limbaugh has continued to illustrate, what he considers to be the absurdity of the phrase used by the LA Times as well as continuing to bait his critics while repeatedly telling his african american call screener “Mr Snerdly” that he (Limbaugh) will be “blamed” for originating the phrase. His baiting appears to have worked, as following a tip from liberal watchdog site Media Matters, many media outlets have reported with raised eyebrows the use of the phrase in the Limbaugh shows parody without mention of the origin in the LA Times (referenced in the song).