Mia Love assures a conservative bounce-back in 2014, readies to run for Congress again

Saratoga Springs Utah mayor Mia Love asked the crowd “are you tired yet?” when beginning her adress at CPAC. When cries of “NO” responded, she said, “I’m not either”. Little did the attendees know however, that further implications may have been present in the statement. Watch her speech which contained other alluding to comebacks and bouncebacks…

Via Roll Call:

In preparation for a bid, Love has hired former state GOP Chairman Dave Hansen, who was widely heralded last year for successfully managing the re-election campaign of Sen. Orrin Hatch.

Love and Hansen sat down with CQ Roll Call for an interview Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where she was scheduled to speak.

“We are looking at it very seriously,” Love said. “We are trying to get people engaged and going, and let them know that we have to start early so that we are not starting from behind.”

Love is reaching out to donors now, some 20 months before the election, and putting in place a campaign team far earlier than last cycle. Love didn’t formally enter the wide, 4th District Republican field until January 2012. She shocked Republicans by emerging from the April state party convention with the nomination in hand.

“Getting that message out takes a lot of effort, a lot of funds, so we want to make sure that we are defining ourselves before the opposition does,” Love said.

As the nominee, Love quickly gained national attention – including a coveted speaking slot at the Republican National Convention – for her unique background and potential to become the first black Republican woman in Congress. That looked to be a strong possibility in Utah’s redrawn and Republican-leaning 4th district, much of which was new to Matheson.

While Love held Matheson to under 50 percent, she underperformed compared to Mitt Romney, who was wildly popular in Utah, by nearly 20 points on the ticket. Some Republican strategists criticized her ads and poorly run campaign, while Matheson credited his established brand and own strong campaign team.

With Hansen on board, Love believes she has now assembled the best possible team.

Mia Love wins GOP Primary. Becomes official nominee

Via the Republican Security Council:

A STAR IS BORN: Mia Love won the Utah GOP state convention vote tonight with 70%. That means there will be no primary and she is now the official nominee to oppose Rep. Jim Matheson (D).

Because of redistricting, Matheson only represents 30% of the new 4th district. She is already defeating the incumbent in the polls, and this race is one of the top five national pickup opportunities for the GOP.

Love is the Mayor of Saratoga Springs and she soundly defeated former State Rep. Carl Wimmer who had an impressive campaign.

Wimmer had considerable support from libertarians, Sen. Mike Lee, Attorney General Mark Shurtleff and numerous legislators. He was campaigning on a states’ rights theme.
Love has already won support from national GOP leaders. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), the leading budget hawk all gave money to Love early in her campaign.

She is the daughter of Haitian immigrants and would be the only black Republican woman in Congress.

On her Facebook, Love posted:

I am so honored to be the Republican nominee for Utah’s 4th Congressional District. There are too many people to thank, but I will first mention my husband and kids. They’ve sacrificed a lot these recent weeks, and I could not do this without them. And much thanks to my team who’ve been prepping for this day for a long time. This is the beginning, and we are ready! Please, everyone, jump on board!