“Palin / Hillary” open up SNL

The cast of Baby Momma reunited on Saturday Night Live last night, except this time to do something funny and entertaining that people would want to watch! Tinay Fey portrayed Palin as clueless and Amy Poeler, reprising her Hillary Clinton impression, was the stiff passive/aggressive “shrew, harpy … boner shrinker” we all have enjoyed previously.

Palins response? The NY Times says that on Sunday, a campaign adviser confirmed that she had, indeed, watched the skit from her screen at the front of the plane she was traveling in and told the Times in an email response that “She thought it was quite funny,” “especially because the governor has dressed up as Tina Fey for Halloween.”

Are the attacks on Palin likely to subside and rest her in the comfortable perch Joe Biden has enjoyed? We don’t think it’s likely, but Penwellblogs has this analysis:

I have a feeling, however, that attacks on Sarah Palin from the national press are going to start dwindling out, particularly if the McCain-Palin ticket keeps rising in the polls. Folks in the press aren’t stupid, really (just STOP that now!). They know that if McCain wins, they’ll need access to Palin for their stories after 4 Nov.

I’m guessing that Palin’s people are keeping score; she’s flexing that velvet-gloved mailed fist, and the worst offenders in the media risk getting themselves frozen out — at least for a time — if Palin takes office as vice president.

No one in the national press wants to be in Vice President Palin’s doghouse for long. Those folks will watch the polls and keep their fingers in the wind; if they see the Obama-Biden ticket on a long downward slide, then almost overnight look to see the national press as Palin’s best friends.

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