New Presidential Polls show near-tie with Romney advantage

3 Recent polls show President Obama ahead of Governor Romney:

  1. Democracy Corps: Obama 49%, Romney 46%
  2. RAND: Obama 48%, Romney 46%
  3. IBD/TIPP: Obama 47%, Romney 43%

2 Polls resulted in a Tie:

  1. Public Policy Polling: Obama 48%, Romney 48%
  2. Reuters/Ipsos: Obama 46%, Romney 46%

4 Recent polls show Romney ahead of the President:

  1. Gallup: Romney 51%, Obama 45%
  2. Monmouth/SurveyUSA: Romney 48%, Obama 45%
  3. Politico/George Washington University: Romney 49%, Obama 47%
  4. Rasmussen: Romney 49%, Obama 47%

Latest from the swing states shows Obama with the upper hand:

  1. Colorado: Romney 50%, Obama 46% (Rasmussen)
  2. Iowa: Obama 48%, Romney 48% (Rasmussen)
  3. Michigan: Obama 52%, Romney 43% (Angus Reid)
  4. Ohio: Obama 48%, Romney 48% (Angus Reid)
  5. Ohio: Obama 50%, Romney 45% (CBS News/Quinnipiac)
  6. Ohio: Obama 47%, Romney 47% (Suffolk)
  7. Ohio: Romney 47%, Obama 46% (Pulse Opinion Research)
  8. Pennsylvania: Obama 50%, Romney 45% (Morning Call/Muhlenberg)
  9. Pennsylvania: Obama 48%, Romney 44% (Pulse Opinion Research)
  10. Pennsylvania: Obama 48%, Romney 45% (Gravis)
  11. Pennsylvania: Obama 52%, Romney 42% (Angus Reid)
  12. Virginia: Obama 47%, Romney 46% (Pulse Opinion Research)
  13. Wisconsin: Obama 51%, Romney 46% (Angus Reid)
  14. Wisconsin: Obama 50%, Romney 47% (Pulse Opinion Research)

VIDEOS: Romney releases 15 new ads for 8 swing states

These fifteen new TV ads will run in eight states:

Romney Presidency: Day One

What will a Romney Presidency be like?

Day one:

“President Romney immediately approves the Keystone pipeline, creating thousands of jobs that Obama blocked.”
“President Romney introduces tax cuts and reforms that will reward job creators, not punish them.”
“President Romney issues order to begin replacing Obamacare with commonsense health care reform.”

That’s what a Romney Presidency will be like.

The Romney Approach to Campaigning

Bill Kristol advises the GOP candidate:

Romney might even consider offloading his entire opposition research and instant response operation to the Republican National Committee. Let the RNC and the super-PACs put out the statements denigrating the Democratic candidate. Romney should treat his opponent with respect not contempt, sobriety not snark, and good humor not sarcasm. Romney should run for president rather than run against Obama. Others can take care of making the anti-Obama case, focused on the past. He needs to make the case for his future presidency.

Part of making that case is winning over some citizens who voted for Obama in 2008. People don’t like being told they are, or were, stupid. If some previous Obama supporters are now disappointed—and they are—Romney should empathize with them, not condescend to them. In 2004 John Kerry unfailingly gave the impression that he thought if you had voted for Bush, or approved of anything he’d done, or found him in certain ways likable or admirable, then you were an idiot. That’s no way to beat an incumbent. His former supporters need to be won over rather than bludgeoned into submission. Reagan provided a strong contrast on the issues to Jimmy Carter in 1980. But his tone wasn’t snide or contemptuous. Romney—and especially his campaign, which has had a taste for the snide and the contemptuous—might profitably study Reagan’s 1980 effort.

Romney/Huckabee 2012?

Doug Wead boldly predicts in his Op-Ed for Conservative Actions Alerts, that Mitt Romney will choose Mike Huckabee for his Vice President:

Romney, if he has any chance of winning at all, will pick former Arkansas governor, Mike Huckabee, as his running mate. Because Huckabee is a born again Christian who is vetted. Two very big factors. Now if Huckabee were only a woman and an African American there wouldn’t be any doubt about it. But the Romney campaign has been pretty stunning in its missteps. So there is no guarantee that it will pick Huckabee. People do stupid things. Especially Romney. And then, gas prices may climb to $8 a gallon and then he can pick whomever he wants.

Consider, 48% of the nation claims to be born again Christians. If even a fraction of them sit at home, the South, bulging with African American voters for Obama, will tilt to the Democrats. Huckabee can help Romney carry the South. And all of the other VP candidates will have surprises in the closet that will come out. Huckabee too had some of those surprises but they are old news. And they are manageable.

The first rule of choosing a VP is do yourself no harm.