Unhappy with the election results? Forget to vote?

Midterm elections typically have lower turnout than presidential elections.

State and local representatives and ballot measures just don’t pack the punch that voting for a President does.

If you’re unhappy with the 2014 election results, the best way to overcome it is to get out there and vote in the next one, which will be a presidential one.

So if you’re not registered to vote — now is the time to register.

You can register here.

Forget to vote?

If you weren’t able to make it to the ballot on Election Day, you can specify to receive a ballot by mail. That way you can vote at your convenience.

Plus, you can mail it in, or drop it off at your local polling place on Election Day and skip the line.

The form linked above indicates the different registration deadlines at each state.

Don’t have a printer? Too cheap to buy a stamp?

You can register to vote at your local DMV with the same form you use to apply for or renew your license.

Ignore the hypocritical celebrities who tell you to vote and then don’t vote themselves.

You’re an American. Exercise your right to vote.

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